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Vanity Unfair and other poems. 

Poetry Collection by Robert Eugene Rubino.


In this his first collection that’s exclusively poetry, the author explores themes of growing up and growing older, of heartbreak and hope, and most of all of memory and its twisting, turning complexities. This is poetry inspired by what Rachel Kushner wrote in The Hard Crowd: “You reach a point where so much is behind you but it continues to exist somewhere as memory and absence at once, as images you’ll never see again. None of it matters. It is all gone. But it all matters. It lingers.”


Robert Eugene Rubino is a retired newspaper copy editor and sports columnist who received a Pushcart Prize creative nonfiction nomination in 2016 for "Spinning Shame Into Nostalgia" (Hippocampus). He was 70 in 2018 when his first published poem appeared, "Septuagenarian Atheist Prays" (The Esthetic Apostle). Since then he has published poetry and prose in various print and online literary journals. He is the author of two other collections, "Aficionado" (Humming Word Press) and "Douglas Knocks out Tyson" (UnCollected Press).

Vanity Unfair

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