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About C.N.P

Our philosophy is simple: We believe more poetry should exist in more places. We publish what we deem to be the best poetry--whether that be award-winning poets or a new writers first published work.

Our press is located in Portland, Oregon--but the poetry we publish has no geographic bounds. 

New poetry issues are released online on the first of every other month.

Chapbooks and full lengths of poetry are available now from our shop!


C. M. Tollefson: Founder

Monet Sutch: Founder

Past/Present/Reoccurring Readers and Volunteers include:

Graham Borgman

Airea Johnson

Anic Ulrope

Rebecca Petchenik

Amber French

Submit Your Work
We are always reading poetry for the next issue and we look forward to reading your work!
Submission Guidelines:
  • All submission are received though Submittable
  • Please allow us 1-5 months to respond to your work. Expedited responses can be had in as little as 7 days with an increased fee.
We can not wait to read your wonderful work!
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