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Chapbook by Robert T. Krantz. 


Full Review of the chapbook by Alexandra Umlas in the June 2019 issue of Cathexis Northwest Press. 


"There is such eternal longing in these poems of Robert Krantz. A series of gorgeously rendered, honest laments about the world and our place in it. Pleas for acceptance, for forgiveness, for just one moment of seeing without the blinders on, with a clearer vision. The world is composed of both darkness and light, and we are no different. Bloodied knuckles and skinless mice balanced against luminous wheat fields and a night sky that’s almost worth praying to. Almost. This is Krantz’ gift. His revelation. He challenges us to see, perhaps even celebrate, the almostness of our nature. He wounds us; he shows us ways to heal from those wounds."

--John Sibley Williams, author of As One Fire Consumes Another

Something To Cry About by Robert T. Krantz

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