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Shops Close Too Early.

Poetry Collection by Josh Feit.


Josh Feit is a longtime Seattle journalist. He co-founded the independent Seattle news site PubliCola, where he reported on state and city policy for nearly a decade. Prior to that, Feit was the news editor at Seattle's alternative weekly, the Stranger. More recently, Feit has worked as a speechwriter; first for the Seattle Mayor's Office and currently for Sound Transit, Seattle's regional transit agency. He continues to write a city planning column for PubliCola.Feit's poetry has been published in Spillway, Vallum, the Halcyone Literary Review, and CircleShow, among other journals. He was a finalist for the 2021 Wolfson Chapbook Poetry Prize and the 2019 Lily Poetry Prize. He won Honorable Mention in Vallum's 2020 Award for Poetry. This is his first published collection, and he has a chapbook forthcoming from Finishing Line Press. He lives in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood, which has some of the deepest tree canopy in the city, alongside some of Seattle's densest housing. You have it backwards, NIMBYs.

Shops Close Too Early

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