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Destructive Heresies.

Poetry Collection by Miloh E. Gorgevska.


Miloh E. Gorgevska lives in the dreary suburbs outside of Toronto, Ontario. Nonbinary and queer, they identify as a menace to society's traditions. As a jack-of-all-trades, they are an author, director, poet & screenwriter. Writing has been their purpose for the majority of their life.


Previously, their writing under the pen name 'Kara Petrovic' has been 

published in Philadelphia Stories, Train: A Poetry Journal & others. Their poetry collections are available for purchase at most major sellers. 


SHARDS, their debut short film, was awarded Best Cinematography and placed at festivals worldwide. As well as writing and directing 3 other,

 smaller short films, they have been nominated twice for Best Script at IFFNY & PAMA in 2022. Prior to that, they had been an actor for 8 years, appearing in short films and a CBCKids show.


A graduate of Toronto Metropolitan University, they have a particular focus on telling true stories that are taboo and uncomfortably emotional.


Twitter: @bye_mielo 

Instagram: @miegorge 

TikTok: @bye_mielo 

Destructive Heresies

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