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Call Me Not Ishmael but the Sea


A poetry cycle by J. Martin Daughtry / Erasure poems from Moby Dick


J. Martin Daughtry is an associate professor of music and sound studies at New York University, where he teaches courses on the subjects of acoustic 

violence; human and nonhuman voices; listening and non-listening; sound and environment; the auditory imagination; and jazz. He is the author of 

Listening to War: Sound, Music, Trauma, and Survival in Wartime Iraq 

(Oxford University Press, 2015); and is a founding curator of the Analogue Humanities Archive and Symposium, an enigmatic organization that, by design, has no internet footprint. His most recent literary essay, "Florida, Farewell," was published in AGNI in 2022.

Call Me Not Ishmael but the Sea

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