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C.N.P Poetry 

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you r m o v e; h o m e a g a i n

By: Margaret Galey

b r o  k   e




that  day as

I was hoping

glassafterglass &

no one sang

hands pressed

too hard

on screen doors &

covered faces

I sd     at least   I thought

 there’d be more magpies


like you’ve never seen

I sd    I walk faster

than most

 but keeping up


you learned 

to fall behind

will these memories float

in the floods?  you askd  & 

I sd     force of nature

doesn’t describe

the urge to wash     

        on   down    this    river   .

h o m e  a g a  i n

little lifetimes

chokedback&breaking off

too big to swallow

it’s that time of year

take up fresh yoke

till by hand & kiss the land

invisible everywhere

  cluttered & calculated porches 

now blank as a spoon 

always changing this

weighted&cloudy dreamscape

of hallowed grounds & precious polaroids 

locals break into vacation homes

purely for spite

& easy thrills

lawn ornaments & bloated woodwork  

from here to eternity  in a covered dish

welcome home

muddled berries in this drink

seems less than perfect

considering the circumstances

I sent my heart

preserved with hairpins

one last time &

the colors could have been stronger

I must admit 

I should have pressed harder.


Margaret Galey is an Iowa-born artist and writer living in Lexington, Kentucky. Her work has appeared in "Hyperallergic Weekend," & forthcoming in "High Shelf Press," "The Raw Art Review," & "The Midwest Review". More of her work can be found at:

"These pieces are among my favorites from my current manuscript entitled "it took everything" which grew out of a writing project with an artist friend, and emerged as a look back on a difficult time in my recent past. “h o m e a g a i n” and “b r o k e n” touch on the exhaustion of grief as it melds with the desire and hope for new, for better."


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