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C.N.P Poetry 

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By: Ruhani Chhabra


the days are short

which means that darkness

is longer. you may not be able to see

them, but you can feel their presence. sometimes

you are lucky and they spare you with lewd howls that

ring in your ears weeks after it occurs. the scent of vulnerability

drives them wild. only the naive feel protected underneath the baggy

clothing. it’s a known fact the wolves’ senses still heighten for skin. some

say if you are covered, you are no longer bait. that is underestimating the extent

of their imagination. they salivate at the slightest temptation. and for the wolves,

everything is temptation.


the days are long

which means that their

patience is shorter. they are

tired of watching and ready to

pounce. they reek of terrifying depravity

and if you tell them this, they are quick to growl

in denial. but their stares burn your skin and there is

no sunscreen to protect you from their damage. only the

escape routes you plan in your mind as you walk past them.

or the dialogues you have memorized. i’m waiting for my boyfriend,

i’m waiting for my brother. because the wolves accept you more when

you’re considered the property of another. still, they have time to kill. you

are time. precious but treated at their disposal. sometimes you are lucky and

they leave it to their imagination. they can’t handle temptation. and for the wolves,

everything is temptation.


Ruhani Chhabra is a sixteen-year-old writer from California. She enjoys reading and listening to music.

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