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Where Shoreline as a Means of Stability; So What Else Is There…; To Wander Where Once We Thrived

By: Montana Svoboda

Where Shoreline as a Means of Stability

Left, then right again against a darkness that boils into parchment, floating. Harshly momentarily in air as if an angel. Our faces are wet, our hands raw and without color.

Beneath loosely threaded layers spaces where water has ruptured revealing only a void. Left to be filled,

there must be something worth chasing not smoke, sporadically fizzling: an implication of warmth.

And rest not the land trampled to glass. And mirage, pine roots unfolding under barren canyons flesh that has been, itself, folded under pressure. Left, then right again left then right again against and toward what, we do not know.

So What Else Is There, Besides the Retreating Cry of Autumn Arriving

For again I feel not

what must be a lush humidity and

  coagulating musk of tulips,

dendrons that hang like an ocean.

In the honey tinted air but,

under any other circumstance

give again change the context

as if to beg.

Not to be given forgiveness- rather a way winding of finding without loss. When every lapse over rock then simply beyond earth, taken back unraveling imprecise; every beat against the cedar gossamer must be saying otherwise Saying: I feel only falsehoods

To Wander Where Once We Thrived

Illumination, but in a classical sense- there a light lush and coagulating is bestowed upon an object, scene or, I wonder and finally.

Within my veins it is spring

within a violent exposition it is revealed to be but a quiet roar, a silence beyond all

silences and there is but

should be a clarity beyond all clarity. That is light, honey that is viscous sweet to taste yet, this is different. This is decay. Rotting beneath willow thickets beneath razor wild feathered aster; from cerulean seen skies to sienna stained visions no more distant than a hand blurred with colour not native to exterior flesh.


Montana Svoboda is currently working towards a Bachelor's in Plant Biology and lives in East Lansing, Michigan. They've been published in Chaleur Magazine, Weasel Press and have appeared New Reader Magazine. Writing revolves around the human condition/mental illness through the backdrop of the natural world.

“Where Shoreline...- Chicago Lake, hidden in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It suddenly started thunder storming, there was only the violent rush of water all around us as we struggled to paddle to safety.

What Else Is There- Turning point in what would become a major transitional phase.

To Wander Where We Once Thrived- Somber realization, from a chapbook in the works titled ‘Becoming & Again’”


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