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Where I Am

By: Kendall Queen

On your living room floor alone again,

the sunlight carries specks of dust;

the flow of time

made visual.

Last night I found you in a dream I had;

you walked up next to me as if

you’d been there all along.

You said;

our fleeting indestructibility

could be the end of us all.

You said;

here there are no Gods or kings,

only man.

And, I wondered if you knew that I was dreaming.

Musky voices carry over from the bar down the street


The air is clean, so I leave the door open

to let it in.

The sun is still shining and,

it feels like spring

and if I squint hard enough

the buildings outside can be blurred

into prosaic cherry blossoms

bubbling up into the skyline.


I like to invoke feelings of nostalgia by incorporating natural descriptors infused with real life experiences. I grew up day dreaming and writing by the creek in Virginia, and I wasn’t able to fully develop my poetic voice until I lived in the mountains of West Virginia. I find a subtle sadness to the changing of the seasons, but also, I respect them as they often cause changes within us. Through my references to nature, I try to convey these emotions within my writing for my readers to find. I hope you enjoy.

“While writing Where I Am, I actually was sitting on the living room floor of my then boyfriend's apartment. I had the back door open and was suffering from the lack of seasonal change in Florida during Spring. It was too hot outside and was almost offensive. I found myself remembering a dream I had where a friend who had since passed found me. I had a moment to myself, where it looked like it could have been cold outside, the wind blowing a slight chill while the sun created some warmth, and I imagined myself back in the cherry blossoms in the mountains. “


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