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C.N.P Poetry 

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When Amber Hits Midnight

By: Maren Brander

Rain stampedes from high, a rush of wild

wolves, and I wish it would stop, slow

down, save the damage but under the thick

black sky I take orders from the stars and

advice from the moon, though I vowed to

not comply anymore, my will is thin as

twine and soon it will snap, so what hides in

sunlight will escape into storm, the

unruliness buried will grow fangs and sprout

claws and peel into the crowd without

asking permission or forgiveness. I crawl in

the downpour, yell at the rain and negotiate

with the elements to keep the monster quiet

one night more.


I am a freelance writer from Central Illinois now living in South Florida. My work has been published in the Living Waters Review and Capulet Mag. 


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