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“Welcome to Shoreditch”

By: Kendall Krantz

The Cockney lad at the bar tells you he’s 

a ‘istoriun wiv rev’lushunary idears. 

A hairline mustache will ask you to weigh in on 

             somethin’ ‘eavy. 

He’s upset because his work 

Respectfully requested he remove some photos—

Recreations of Hitler’s portraits taken

             for a laugh. 

I’m a Yiddish-speaking, Ashkenazi-Aryan dreamlass—

out on the Sabbath for gin and tonic. 

An easy choice for a Skinhead to swoon over. 

             I ran away. 

Drink abandoned half drunk, I had to do it—

sneak away like a snake in the underbrush, 

if underbrush were the unbrushed hair of 

             a large Brit. 

In the name of all that is unholy, 

across the street sits a Jewish deli. 

The Orthodox man ran my bank card:

“Are you here to find an English husband?”

             “No, Sir, hashem forbid it.”


Kendall Krantz is a writer and undergrad at Brown University. She is pursuing a combined M.A./B.A. in English and Judaic Studies. Her work can be found in publications such as McSweeney's, the Tulane Review, and a forthcoming Kurt Vonnegut Literary Magazine, among others. She has a poetry chapbook entitled "Clockwork Android."


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