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Wall; Terzetto

By: Adam Schechter



There is a wall here I swear to god though unseeable bitter drink impalpable divider the other side is what I dread though the wall itself causes me much misery O affliction O wanderlust or lack thereof for the other side.


Like bitter drink I hunt for notes though I am opposed loneliness begets compromise and bitter drink begets god knows what but it reminds me of you your honeysuckle voice and penchant for drink I just want to envelope you in me take you in like floral drink but the wall the wall instead I sit in a toilet stall and cup my face. 


Perfectly designed to coo myself I regard the wall unseen I draw lines let the ink drip into moat battlements reinforcement of that which you can see from the moon.


Sweet pupa I palpate my stuff unbrewed I think to remain as you play impromptus my little leaf I listen you beckon.



One serving of bluemint gum I


white unlike my coffee-stained 

clatter clattering because of little

sky blue or maybe it’s my

cosmic torsion of

red and 

red and

white and

sky blue or the grey velvet

mute on my bridge keeping

even the most dulcet notes

derivative sometimes I fish for

ecstasy others I am

Jonah I am

prostrated in dirt.


I am a celebrated homeopath               see what I’ve mixed up in my

              skin this bottle is stamped with a date far gone O,

horizon I crave your                   lines your         cerise sunset.


Ear to pearl you

thrust your hand through the horizon clasp my

unwilling wrist I sit atop this vessel of leaded

glass cyclonic

distance I tremble I



Adam Schechter grew up in South Dakota and earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Viola Performance from Indiana University. He currently resides in Montreal, Quebec, where he is pursuing a Master of Music degree in Viola Performance at McGill University.


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