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C.N.P Poetry 

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By: Michael Guynn

I want to know 

When we are driving towards a thing,

Are we driving towards it or are


Pulled to the idea?

I want to know

When we want to have a thing,

Do we need a thing or does


represent a piece of us


I want to know

When we buy a car,

Do we want a car or do 


Hope it helps us float as if upon a cushion of air above the cracked and human earth 

On which

Endless suburbs stretch like labyrinths for rats

In which 

We are reminded of the maddening possibility that we will be trapped like failed test subjects Within

Its white-picket and blood-colored brick walls forever 


Our minds transcend their mundane usefulness


The bored scientist can grimace one last time at our swollen grayness before flinging us


Pinched plastic fingers into a rusty black trashcan labeled in faded yellow “biological waste”


We gasp, flailing deeper into our gnawing consciousness


There are only bits of muted cartilage and calcium to stink forever and ever and ever 

No more...

And when we moan, weeping upon caskets laid bare

Are we mourning for the death of a 


Or do we cry 

Because It was them 

And not us who has




Michael Guynn is a sophomore at Dixie State University studying Psychology. In his free time he plays guitar, makes custom skate art, writes poetry, and spends plenty of time in the great outdoors skiing, hiking, and traveling. He hopes to someday use his art and poetry to inspire those who need help and advice.


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