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C.N.P Poetry 

  • Writer's pictureCathexis Northwest Press


By: Mark Phillips 

she has child's fingers  grasping at her hair       a little awkward  grasping for the cake       not quite coordinated  grasping for adulthood       not quite independent  knows the city streets       but freeways will confuse  with our voices down       keeping secrets from her roommate  holding truths to be self-evident       with her pants off in the car  with her child's fingers       grasping for presents       grasping for the future       grasping for adulthood  not quite independent


Mark is a pioneer of algorithmic, nonlinear, and computer-mediated narrative, whose work is highly regarded by the five or six people in the world who care about algorithmic, nonlinear, and computer-mediated narrative. His formal experiments, poetry and vignettes have appeared in Big Bridge, Epiphany, Word Riot, the SoMa Literary Review, Inkburns, Comrades and elsewhere. His work is cited by *The Cambridge Companion to Postmodernism* as its culminating example of literary Postmodernism, meaning that, according to Cambridge University, the history of western literature begins with Homer and ends with Mark. Mark very much enjoys saying that out loud.


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