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Through The Picture Frame; The Night Around Me Is Large...; As In The Manner Of An Open Door

By: J.F. Merifield

Through The Picture Frame

greened & overexposed

if this photograph is of remembrance

let it travel waveless

carried by the silence between

place your shoulders here

on the lean

braced between the past

and the lost

moments posed mirror perfect

awash in flashes

The Night Around Me Is Large & Weightless

each now reduced

down to memory

a photograph burned

the smoke

collected to form visions

just off the edge of seeing

a hand held out

to cup the breeze

if we are to speak

let it be

in motions of whispers

As In The Manner Of An Open Door

lastly watch

the fades of the sky

grow into one foot

set in front

of another


out of dust

all that is

left longed for

to frame a new image

once burned

down to ash


J.F. Merifield, a poet living in northwest Montana with a Poetry M.F.A. from George Mason University, has poems published by La Picciolette Barca, Neuro Logical, Verse, Rust & Moth, among others.

"These poems are part of a manuscript that meditates on the interplay between memory, photography, and grief. While the language, for the most part, is very straight forward and simple, within these small pomes I try to create images one can also sit with, sinking into the layers of line & sound play, the depths of interconnected imagery, and the weighted-ness of human memory."


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