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C.N.P Poetry 

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The Vulture & the Magpie

By: Holly Dodge

a vulture—flight and flutter—reminds me

of a relationship: implications, a

subtle reminder of me when you:

muscle aligned south side to my

milky white, mouth agape, three sip

roll to the right. a burn

and clang of brass horns and cymbals-

a loud memory of things to blow and

bang with concrete mouths.

please make yourself—much smaller:

like a tight valley of parts; a

skein of yarn. make room for this river.

a dynamic sin—sinews quilted together

a reincarnate of sheets over

veins and scars, blanketing pride.

Our biographies will be full of pages.


Holly Dodge resides in the Minnesota River Valley community of North Mankato. She currently studies Creative Writing at Minnesota State University, Mankato as a non-traditional student. Her favorite hobbies include pouring coffee mid-drip and reading library books in the bathtub.


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