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The Truth is Out There

By: Raymond Hammond

we need real, bona fide aliens

a confirmed, no-question-they-are-real

appearance in the sky by a spaceship

or an apparition that will instill

faith by removing all doubt that humans

are not alone, not special, not chosen

giving humans back our humanity

a resurrection, an awakening

a unification of us as one

when confronted with the unprophesied

the unexpected the uninvited

our petty religions and strongly held

beliefs based on prejudice and malice

pale in comparison and fall away

we need real, bona fide aliens

to appear in the heavens as saviors

forcing salvation through a unity

we can’t seem to be able to manage

alone or find in any imagined

religious saviors who keep promising

to appear but keep their glory hidden


Raymond P. Hammond is the editor-in-chief of both The New York Quarterly and NYQ Books. He holds an MA in English Literature from New York University and is the author of Poetic Amusement, a book of literary criticism. He lives in Beacon, NY with his wife, the poet Amanda J. Bradley, and their dog Hank.


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