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The Resolve of a Vengeance Poem

By: Georg Koszulinski

There’s a reason. Unfriend this page, unfriend this poem.

Hello. Sharpen a pencil, the resolve of a vengeance poem.

I, Hello. Unfriend this page. As in the mortuary pole.

Goddamnit. It’s a hello halo question and answer period.

The things on a train, unsolved. Soccorro, New Mexico.

A man in a Waffle House with his father vomited on his

plate and continued eating. You stood there, a witness.

What the Haitians described to you in that cave: zombi.

I’ve forgotten my family. I have no friends, quiet dreams.

The plane would not return to Port au Prince over an ocean.

He was asking $3200 for the 1983 El Camino. I offered 15

and we settled on 16. My daughter whispered ‘I don’t like

this car’ before she saw beach tides on a booster seat.

Deaf ears, to love her, matte black parade. Valve cover

gasket healing prayer. No radio, dream boat floats on

8 cylinders, burn oils. Incense highway. Gas is cheap

compared to continent cross walk. I love U America

but less a fan of Americans. The desert. A promise.

The fragment of a forest, Wilderness area. Trinity Site,

a bomb. Split the atom, fathom unfathomed. If there is a

word for it, meaning, otherwise, senseless, a sound. Can

you show me an example of Musique concrète? I am.

The sound a clay makes, a caveate atop the cliff dweller.

What do you think the ancient ones did when the river ran

dry? A desert. Hello. Matte black is my favorite color.

I say summer is my favorite season, but I love them all.


Georg is a filmmaker-poet. He's been working at it since 1999. His award-winning works have been presented at hundreds of universities and film festivals around the world. Fandor distributes his Florida Trilogy (2007-14) and his experimental film essay series, Frontier Journals #1-8 (2013-15). His films have appeared on the Documentary Channel, GuideDoc, and the Journal of Short Film. Recent poems have been published by Writers Resist, Delphinium, Razor Literary Magazine, Abstract Magazine, and Blotterature Literary Magazine. Georg is an Assistant Professor of Film Studies at UNCW, where he teaches filmmaking.


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