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C.N.P Poetry 

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The Pith and the Peel

By: Rebecca Thrush

make my lemon water so sweet and tempered

like a tiny drop of

oiled essence into a murky ocean

gentle white strands piecing together the segments

of new releases and

ask me another, Ophira and John

so I hope it’s not too informal to call you that

but these oils make

your very essence slippery

and I don’t quite know how to break through

this sunshined leather

without tooth or nail or knives in hand

so ask me another time, John, to help slice the

daily meat of

my buzz-worthy morning rituals


Rebecca Thrush has poetry published both in print and online with a variety of journals. Most notably, she was featured to be part of Viewless Wing’s 2021 Scary Art Show and Line of Advance’s 2021 Wright Award series. She also has original art online with Decomp Journal.


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