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C.N.P Poetry 

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the mortar of us

By: Mawi Sonna

start by mixing

too many wishes

grind them under

the pestle’s pressure


holy thistle


and blood lily after

you’ve called down


after you’ve called down

how love fails you

but don’t forget

shades of larkspur

buried under dry basil

a marigold’s mane

picked bit

by bit

when whispering

to the mortar

why you didn’t bottle

resurrection ferns

why his fragrance

no longer lingers

instead offer salted


from his star

ursa major

the other


the last


dripping down

the granite pillar

repeating this hymn




Mawi Sonna is a poet from Kansas City. She is currently a Seaton Fellow in Creative Writing at Kansas State University. Her work has previously appeared in Touchstone Literary Magazine, The Hole In The Head Review, and others.

"Even through loss and heartbreak, this poem seeks to be re-enchanted by the world and beauty."

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