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The Last Dance

By: Jason Hyun Winchester


It’s more than that

More than your hand

across my chest?

My words


You’re so quiet

when you twirl

my hair.


Emptying the veil – the book of scattered hands,

and buzzing bees.

It is more than that.

It is unlike the Garden of Eden or the steps,

the cobblestones of Yorkshire,

and it is the blessing that

priviness to ambience the trees swaying because

it is more than that.

It is the tanglefoot waltz the moss eating the dance the blood of saints staining your dress,

the blood of martyrs.

You are a fiend, Love, and I am scum

more than that,

I cannot love.


Jason Hyun Winchester is a recent graduate from Southern Oregon University with a B.F.A. in Creative Writing. He's Korean-American, from Tacoma, WA, and writing his first short story collection about Asian-American and LGBTQA+ identities. His poems have appeared in Maudlin House and Prometheus Dreaming.


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