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C.N.P Poetry 

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t3ch d3tox

By: Aaron Barry

dear handsome as the director of the national bank of sierra leone it has come to my attention that

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have something to do with half-man half-pig super soldiers found in the basement of guantanamo

bay find out more on no your new chinese smartphone that’ll take 4k pics even when covered in

molten chocolate no lowers cortisol the secret hormone that’s killing you no don’t run no we’ll

find you no pick up your device no I won’t ask twice no we need you no how one traveller ended

up on the no-fly list no no no yes we need you no how about a free qr code no we’ll keep no please yes you’re here forever no yes


Aaron Barry is an insomniac poet and teacher from Vancouver, Canada. His work has been featured in over forty different publications, including Poetry Pause, Defenestration, and Defunct Magazine, and he was recently shortlisted for the Haiku Foundation’s 2021 Touchstone Award for Individual Poems. Aaron can be found roaming the streets during regulation sadboy hours, or on IG @aaronmbarry.


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