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Survivor; Hunted, Hunting

By: Meghan J. M. Caughey


I saw her again just now

wearing a long pale pink coat, clutching a white canvas bag of groceries

pressured scurrying,

face tight, lopsided,

eyes looking down, seeing nothing,

except invisible insects in mandala designs

don't step too hard, don't step here, don't step there

I could be her; I came too close

wind picked up as I walked out the door,

the red gloves that have no fingers,

it's easier this way, for clutching, and letting go

with protection,

nothing more

I used to see her every day, roughly propelling herself down the sidewalk

looking down, muttering to herself

younger, yes, but gray, even in her youth

her litany, some broken discourse

And I thought: I could be her

How is it that I escaped this predicament?

all that was forecast:

the worse, and then more worst, after that, much more of the worst

I ran out of his office, down the stairs

there was no safe kingdom, no cabana on a distant beach,

no taxi stand on guard

I was on guard, constantly,

judgment of the planets kept me company

the worst happening

over and over, then the worst, and then more of the worst

Is it some miracle, is it a sheer clothed fluke, did a layer of skin slide away, as I pulled out of the harbor, hardly under my own steam, sliding by, so close, I could hear your breath?

My sidewalk sister, long pink coat, did not escape like me

but we have more in common than you would expect

her face tight, life holds, a moment, then gone

Did I hold you hard enough?

can you rise early from your grave-

before it snatches you away

but you are already gone,

I step back so you can pass.

Hunted, Hunting

The woman knew

The crack in the earth

Would suck her down

But there

Under the Mud

She would find



Meghan J. M. Caughey is a visual artist, cellist and writer. Her memoir, " Mud Flower: Surviving Schizophrenia and Suicide Through Art" was published in 2021 and is winner of four book awards. She sees art as a path for healing the slings and arrows of humaness. Her favorite quote is "Art is the highest form of hope.", by Gerhard Richter. Meghan admits to seeing " Winged Beings" in the sky and other energies and beings that most people do not see. She is currently writing her second book which focuses on how " winged beings" can help humans create beauty and life.


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