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Steck Park

By: Jeremiah Prenn

This ticker once spread itself over red rock,

Thinking itself free to be sedentary too

Polished in the glass case, now out, hot, dusted

This ticker at the campsite near the flystorm,

Spider river near the sign with a cartoon owl,

stained bait hands wiggled in front of it,

unsure of the agency, the motive, kept in air.

A general traveller further south

and his particular counterpart always ill-prepared,

wresting for the storm, the cut, the connect,

that enfolds the desire that he is,

which might involve a house, a lazy one,

among the red rocks near the river.


Jeremiah Prenn lives in Boise, Idaho, has been published in Wingless Dreamer and has work forthcoming in The Song Between Our Stars. His background in writing is simple: He's been writing every single day for a long, long time. He's interested in fiction and poetry that is precise and impactful.

"Steck Park is a campsite on the Snake River near Weiser, Idaho, in a place where the river itself is the state boundary dividing Oregon and Idaho. It's a beautiful desert place, hidden by high hills on each side of the river. My father has often taken me fishing there, and I consider it a tranquil place, even when it is blasting hot."


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