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Something is Lost

By: Leila Farjami

A wing,

whiter than March clouds,

a sighted star

like a new and bright eye

that has fallen to earth,

landing beside geraniums—

a galactic souvenir

I cherish as I observe the world.

Something is lost—

life that strolled all Sunday long

on the city sidewalk,

the elm tree that snapped in

last night’s storm.

Extinct seasons tell us stories

of their unadulterated dead,

of water and fire—

the recycled languages of mercy,

of revival through the body’s dread,

its throbbing pain-memory

and faded light.

And yet

a beehive of ghosts buzzes

through petals and sunlight,

offering us honey and yearning

for the next breezing spring

to wrap around our souls,

to endure the dying grass that crackles

beneath our feet

as we collide with air and decay,

touching each lucent pebble

against time,


our vow of silence.


Leila Farjami is a poet, literary translator, and psychotherapist. In addition to publishing seven poetry books in Persian, her work has appeared in Hey, I’m Alive, Nimrod Journal, Poetry Porch, and Saint Ann’s Review; was published by Tupelo Press for their 30/30 Project; and has been translated into Swedish, Arabic, Turkish, and French. Leila has appeared in poetry readings and on Persian TV and radio interviews about her poetry. She studies poetry with Rachel Kann, enjoys translating sacred poetry by Rumi into English, and has translated a comprehensive volume of Sylvia Plath’s poetry into Persian.


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