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C.N.P Poetry 

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By: Chloe Bausano

The memories crackle between my

fingertips like potpourri, smelling

of downy and summer: sunscreen,

rocket-pops, pigtails askew and

tangled up in the back of a croakie.

Dirty feet stick out the back of a tent, I

spray Deet that they do not sell on the

shelves anymore, why do families look

like bunches of hydrangeas peaking over

each other in an enamored cluster?

Sunflowers exist like children smiling, they

hoist their spines straight up from the ground

and look towards the lighthouse, poignantly

optimistic, unabashedly electric, petals like

teeth in an open mouth, laughing eclectically at,

as often as not, everything.


Chloe is an emerging poet who recently graduated from Cornell University with a degree in English Literature. Her work has previously been published by Cathexis Northwest Press, eris & eros, and Beyond Words Literary Magazine. She strives to capture nostalgia and prolong fleeting moments with her work.


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