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Side by Side

By: Yvonne Morris

People aren’t cups, flasks, barrels of goodness. They aren’t a pocketful, plateful, or planeload of

malice. Neither are they imposters, pretenders, or flim-flammers, really. Are the beloved

channels, paths, sea lanes of pleasure? No, love has no form, contour, or scaffold. It’s not a

level, an edge, or verge we maintain. Maybe love is mostly assembly, bit by bit. Made from

driftwood, framed by daylight, set afire, then freed by night.


Yvonne Morris' poetry and fiction have appeared in various journals, including The Galway Review, The Bengaluru Review, Wild Roof Journal, and Writer's Block Magazine. Her first chapbook of poetry was published by The Heartland Review Press, and she is seeking a publisher for her second book. By day, she tutors and teaches at a community college.

"'Side by Side' is one of those pieces that was gleaned from a much longer free write. I can't really recall what I was thinking about as I started to cut and shape, probably how frustrating it is to find anything salvageable sometimes from a lot of glop. These are the images that I heard, sorted out, and saved to build a little hut for, invite others inside."


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