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Sequence in III; Your Mouth Stays Open

By: Andrew Hutto

Sequence in III



Negotiate from unwilling-willing to the psychologization of

small glass mirrors, measurements,                  registers.  

When my good dream began, the fan was still on.

Drum, flute, cello, triangle, judgement, cube, guitar.

A purpose aimed at                   constituent negotiation.    

                            (dépasse l'arrangement)

             Neologism (chance-art), a garden plant to light.

                            My sing-song, pet bird, your water spout.

                            To compel (fleur mauve) into willing-willing.

Measure confluence     of concentration breaks                       focus points.

                            May you (en cachette) tension, (string right through).

Forgive, glass frog, repel the eye for eye - (self-dissolution).                  In child,

self-dissolving stitches after your head hits the concrete.       Proud 

of the come-off, (la pesanteur).               Clenched migraine head-pound.

                                                                         Pull away, seek not the 

                                                                                 the way into mediation.

                                                                                         heretic -loon.

                                                                                Your marcel in march-time,

                                                                                         bright, now,





Ambiguous criticism —




Epicalyx, bougainvillea flowering.

Bow to the city.

Re-record the sounds from a distance.

The whorl  — falsify, exit ending, re-done.



Give notice, it appears inside of presence-absence.

Don’t try to [phroneó] think about it. Whiskey-sour.

Set to mind, inside, bonfide [connaître] preamble into —

Aseity / (presence-absence) / Ousia / dark crow / seen.

Attempt not set to mind. Soft light shines on high / earlobe.

Retreat mystic [mystère sacré] into over inside out of it.

Do not mend to find the struggle / bend to strife / float

Like /  all them / do not show up for the dinner bell. The dark / crow crows crows crows 

           My vague / entreat how something moves from 

            Soft / 

                          dropped from a height. 

            Come on now, everyone / listen / ears to the sky.

                 You are a stumbling block to Me /

                 For you are not setting your mind on God's [mind] on mine [crows / crow] crow.

Your Mouth Stays Open

Begin spring or summer.

The most good, the most valued in a wavebreak.

My back gets sore when picking up algae along the coastline.

I chew on a piece —

                                                        My taste buds died fourteen years ago.

                                                        I had a dream that I flew with

                                                        a flock of seagulls high above

                                                        the sandbars and coral reefs. 

                                            He’s jumping! He’s diving! — from the pier

                                                                            into a school of

                                                                            baitfish — with his mouth


Enter autumn.

Harvests, shooting stars, high-beams aim through the haze.

There is a long shadow cast off the hospital.

Today I learned about

Oregon’s Medicare experiment, 

about how they cut pain management drips from hospice care.

“S” knows that “P”

Or rather,

dying is expensive.

Or rather dying in relative comfort is expensive.

(S •C) • (~P) ⊃ (S • E)

Let’s stop this jargon — 

                                         distribute costs appropriately —  good.

We will need this a bit later.

Enter winter (in three movements).


Incapable of intersubjective agreement:

nuclear winter, that’s a catastrophe, a babe conceived,

in a bulwark. This is not swaddled clothes and holy night.

Pinch your skin when someone says, go to a séance with me.

It has not happened yet, but when it does, my god,

the costs will be without cause; I suggest you

                                                         pack the silo because your mouth stays open.



The barn ’s main beam bends and snaps with the wind.

Cows kneel over their calf’s blackened bones and moo.

You can smell it in the air and it is pleasant.

               The hay has been burned, 

               the barley has been burned, the vineyard,

               has been burned —

 the of some lingers. 

You can smell it in the air and it is deceptively pleasant.


I have chopped a cord of wood for next week.

There is sap on my cuticles.

I bolt the door.

I wash my hands.

Hot water streams over my frigid skin.

I watch the steam rise and it feels.

               I watch hands turn pluot red —  watch burn scars turn purpura.


Andrew Hutto writes out of Louisville, KY. He was recently awarded third place in the 2020 Flo Gault Poetry Prize. In the summer of 2019, he served as a preliminary judge for the Louisville Literary Arts Writer's Block fiction prize. Presently he serves on the Pine Row Press editorial board. His work appears or is forthcoming in Thrush Poetry Journal, Eunoia Review, Plum Tree Tavern, Amethyst Review, The Weekly Degree, Barnhouse Journal, After the Pause, and Math Magazine.

“Sequence in III” Doxa, Episteme, and Gnosis form an informal triad of knowledge subtypes articulated in ancient philosophy Doxa (δόξα) - is typically conferred in the ancient greek as public opinion, However, it is also a translation used by the New Testament authors to convey the Hebrew (כבוד) meaning justified true belief existing in the glory of God Episteme (ἐπιστήμη) – derived from knowing or be acquainted with — knowledge acquired, scientific, understanding Gnosis (γνῶσις) - may be used for intimate knowledge and not universal knowledge — has been transformed to convey aptitude and cognition as well as experiential or innate knowledge. dépasse l'arrangement (French) — “outstrips the arrangement”  fleur mauve (French) — “purple flower” en cachette (French) — “in secret” la pesanteur (French) — “gravity”  “Epicalyx” an involucre resembling the calyx but consisting of a whorl of bracts that is exterior to the calyx or results from the union of the sepal appendages. (M.W.) phroneó (φρονέω) — v. to have understanding, to think connaître (French) — to know someone or something “Aseity” is the property defining a being existing in, of and for itself “Ousia” Perhaps ontic or essence or substance mystère sacré (French) — “sacred mystery” “You are a stumbling block to Me / For you are not setting your mind on God's” See Matthew 16:23


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