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C.N.P Poetry 

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Reine de l’Acool

By: Phil Carson

Reine de l’Acool, My Queen

Southern Comfort. Beautiful,

Naked, mute, & motionless.

Many place their lips on yours

& drink of your delights. Passionate

Fiery embrace, an unequal encounter.

My hands to your neck, My Queen.

My lips to yours, eyes closed. Not desire,

A hostage chained to insatiable thirst.

Recovering consciousness, my face down

In your sloppy juices I paint G-O-D on the table.

I marvel at the sight of your empty figure.

Reine de l’Acool, my queen.

Southern Comfort. Sickening,

Empty, shrill, & whirling.


Phil graduated from University of Oregon with a Comparative Literature Major and Creative Writing minor. Phil currently is a first year MFA student at Eastern Oregon University and participated in this years Fishtrap events.


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