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C.N.P Poetry 

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By: Bobby Mullan


//break loop example

#include <iostream>

using lamespace std;

int main ( )


           do {

                      with eyes closed, blue light burns until nothing sticks, nothing

                      is but fried, crisp brain death. all death is, as all death, is all

                      death, is circuit



                      /* open window autumn hallowed eves - still here &

                      worried about errors & autocorrects, a gain again;

                      remember the toy pet floppy eared discs that barked

                      dial tone modems and kept the phone busy for three.oh

                      hours end less


           for (int word=0;)

                      if (word==meaning)

                               [somehow it seems simpler, but it wasnt, just

                               what was valued for a moment.]

                      /* creeping self conscious has time to develop in the

                      crackling microseconds: the milli the pico the nano

                      the santa maria; however far prefixes go, the speed of

                      thought will match & bounce back


           while (word>0) 


                      fields; worried electron consciousness spread ether

                      not knowing we are, we our, we are: sender & receiver,

                      induced current magneton moments, space encapsulated



                      /*there was no use in peace: sold out by exponential

                      war; gain and and and and and and and and and and -

                      signal flows, keys smoother than pending pen's

                      observations: all the same


           void printmessage (void)


                      /*well, i forgot the word, and words tend to get


                      unreal that mass matters. paused interruptus

                      impregnate explication: de-sign and seed, concept 

                      conceive the dumbest shit - stop fucking around. 


                      /*there's too many words, too many people*/ 

                      /*there's not too many, we just dont share so good*/

abstract\\oblique __ black//white 

/* to have done */

           print message 

                      [hello world]

} _


Bobby is a writer, improviser, noisemaker, bread baker, (alleged) cynic, and brash East Coast Bastard currently residing in Portland, Oregon. He is currently working on two chapbooks to be published and distributed (through purely DIY means) later in 2020.

"How the Sausage is made:

'refraction' started out as an assignment in the fall of 2019, something about exploring or breaking rules; something like that. 

Its initial form was as a stream of consciousness, nothing to write home about. The next step was turning it into an erasure that I left stylized as a redacted found government dossier. I really felt there was something in it to be explored, but I couldn't nail down just what.

From redacted I got the rhyme retracted, then refracted; that rattled loose some (basic) electronics and programming I attempted to study, and failed at. Still, there's a lot of trivia and ½ digested notions ping ponging in my skull, but I thought maybe a programming language/format could be used for a poem. 

As for the reading, I've been itching to try effected readings and incorporate noise/music in my live readings, but open mics at cafes and in open air spaces aren't too conducive to setup times and musical gear." 


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