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Plate Tectonics; Scientific Method

By: Tanja Tomlinson

Plate Tectonics

Plate tectonics shift you closer to me,

into my space.

I hold my shallow breath.

It helps distracts me from the push and pull. 

You, the lithosphere; cool, calm and unyielding 

Me, the asthenosphere; hot and bothered by your proximity.

Jaded opulence shining brightly,

despite my diamond in the rough façade.

Princess cut five carat,

no blemishes or inclusions to speak of.

There are games I play with myself,

carefully constructed to conceal the truth.

Intentional deep breaths,

one measure chosen to display 

pseudo calm.

A type of advertising, 

dripping with subliminal messages.

Lost in thought,

you are standing in your own way.

Sentences spoken with intent,

from years of practicing in front of the mirror.

We seem to be cut from the same cloth,

sewn together rag tag bits of fabric.

Creating nothing but an ugly rag 

or a child’s cherished blankie.

Scientific Method

I admit what I did was rather unusual.

Such a narrow passageway; 

there was surely no way I could make it through.

You beckoned from the other side, 

calling, taunting and always with the eyes,

surrounded by two panes of glass that only work to magnify their beauty.

Retina, cornea, iris, pupil.

The science brings order and sets the framework for reality.

I scour my brain for more facts.

Vitreous humor, lens, tear ducts. 

Mud on my knees, ripped through my jeans,

mined tears fall hesitantly. 

I try as I fail repeatedly.

This scientific method is eating me alive.


Tanja Tomlinson is a poet who lives in beautiful British Columbia, Canada with her husband and two young children. She is a licensed practical nurse and has many hobbies including writing, belly dance, exploring the outdoors, reiki and other spiritual pursuits. Plate Tectonics and Scientific Method are her first two published poems. 

"Plate Tectonics was inspired by a conversation I had with a usually stoic and unanimated individual. It was during this conversation I got a glimpse into a passion of theirs and witnessed the lift in spirit that discussing it provided. It was incredible to see. The obvious change in demeanor was nothing but miraculous and made me start to question why and how we stuff our interests, dreams and passions into tiny little boxes and don’t open the lid for anyone to see. It is about connecting with someone and noticing the layers behind interaction and subtle nuances of one’s personality. It is a reflection on the masks we wear, coping mechanisms, the games we play, the lies we tell ourselves and the realization that we alone do not own these social tools. 

Scientific Method was created from writing prompt. My mind is very good at creating poetry when it is challenged with pretend homework. The poem is about the struggle of both finding and accepting the root of an emotion and trying to work through it despite the brain trying to distract with logic. My mind lives and breathes in both spheres being a nurse by profession and an artist in my heart. Balancing the logical and emotional facets of my personality has always been a delicious struggle leading to a place I easily find inspiration for my writing."


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