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Phoenix: Tunnel and the Light

By: Rebecca Smolen

In the hatching

where future tense is assumed,

never real, the past has clotted—

In subsided pain,

a clean breath gasped

under a healing ozone wound—

In joy of found nest,

2 eggs dry, deserted,

one still whole:

possibility lost and perhaps

always possible—

This burnt husk of delicate ash

and the Phoenix risen

split from an ache,

hindsight of trauma: a gift.


Rebecca is a writer based in Portland, OR transplanted from NH and is a mom of two adorable little gingers. She grew up on a dead-end road exploring drainage pipes and pond life and has a degree in creative writing and philosophy. She has a strong feminist voice that sometimes gets trapped within society’s confines, but vows to teach her son and daughter that there are no confines. Rebecca has been trained and is certified to lead writing classes in the Gateless Method. This method was scientifically created to avoid provoking the fight or flight reaction generating a safe place to produce raw, new writing that will spotlight the strongest talents of that material. You can find her first chapbook, Womanhood and Other Scars as well as most recently in Cirque, Allegory Ridge, Feminine Collective, Inflectionist Review, Unchaste Anthology, Hip Mama, Mutha Magazine, VoiceCatcher, Poeming Pigeon, the anti-fascist anthology, Shout and her full-length manuscript, Excoriation from PoetryBox.


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