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Persephone; Testimony of Prometheus

By: Judith Combs-Reyes


Today I wrapped my bed

in black flowers

threaded my two ruby rings with twine

hung them over my head

Now I sleep under twin red stars

surrounded by greenery, darkly

the rushing river of tears

my black dogs and gay colors

Testimony of Prometheus

They were doomed

by your hand

Our weakling children

fragile as newborns,

cold, hungry, helpless

before the wilds.

Now they feed

on burnt flesh

build mighty houses

in Your Name.

By night they

came to me

beset by enemies

begging for strength

and so I

gave them Fire.


Judith Combs-Reyes is a student and poet from West Texas currently living in Southeast Portland. Her work is informed by her experience in the open mic scene.


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