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C.N.P Poetry 

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By: Amina Ayodeji-Ogundiran

In a man’s world, we suffered

Women; mutilated, denied, cursed, abused

In a man’s world, still, man suffered

Man suffered in man’s way

In a man’s world, woman rose, from shackles, her hurt, her burnt

Free herself, a liberation, a woman movement

Girl child awareness, girl education, sustainable woman development

Powerful works, high pitched voices; arise, women arise!

Yet, we smell not a gap

For every sow, forth reap

And soon, a woman’s world, born

Yes, born a birth of intention

Will a woman’s world be a better world?

Thoughts strike from my spine

When man’s world turns woman’s paradise

Eyes vision clear, far, and fine

How about a world for no one?

Thrive, live, win in equity

Joined, greased with humanity

How about a world for everyone?


Amina Ayodeji-Ogundiran is a married, mother of two lovely kids, from Kogi State, Nigeria, currently living in Maryland USA. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Human Resource Development from Bowie State University, Maryland, a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language from Bayero University Kano and hopes to pursue her Doctorate in Organizational Leadership. In June 2018, she became Certified Life Coach majoring in success and leadership coaching.

As a young mother, family is her number one priority and upon graduation from the Human Resource Development Masters’ Program at Bowie State University in December 2017, she made a deliberate decision to invest more in her writing and coaching career. She is highly inspired by everything that lives and dies, and all that exists both in reality and imaginary worlds.

“As a young mother of two toddlers – a girl and a boy -, I never stop looking forward to the brightest future for my kids. As I thought deeply about this great future for them, I started to predict. Engrossed in deep thoughts as I looked into the eyes of my three-year-old son, my heart shivered a bit. I began to foresee a time when my daughter will be most likely to get desired help than my son. I started to predict a world where women would have their way, simply because they are women. I started to see the birth of ‘a woman’s world’.

If past events and current occurrences predicts the future, then this time is not too far away or maybe it is already here. As much as the way that female have been treated in the past displeases me, the up rise of ‘exclusive’ girl/women empowerment does not sit well in my thoughts, especially since the boy/male counterpart does not get any much kind of near same privilege. The words that rang bells in my head as I wrote ‘Our world’ were: ‘Why pull one up and leave one same?’ I thought that this will lead to another societal imbalance that the world will have to deal with. Overall, my mind tells me that ‘a world for no one and a world for everyone’ may just be the way to go.”


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