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C.N.P Poetry 

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Other World

By: Victoria Brown

To be near you,

to be a flooding river or

a well-lit pathway,

under a sweating spell

end of August.

Heart swelling, aching

swelling, aching.

Your name still feels new in my mouth,

so I call you by sighs and laughing fits.

A collection of days

spent with you

lush, quiet, unordinary.

Tethered together to

foaming waves and

brushing leaves,

the only sounds we can rely on.

Wait for me at the light

while I gather up all the ways

I adore you.


Victoria is a Brooklyn based poet from Arizona currently traveling up the west coast. She holds a BA in Sociology from Loyola Marymount University. Her work has appeared in Prometheus Dreaming Magazine, All Arts TV, and was featured at the New York Poetry Festival. Her writing explores the themes of awe and presence grounded within the landscape of the natural world.

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