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C.N.P Poetry 

  • Writer's pictureCathexis Northwest Press


By: Caleb Alexander

In the future they invented time travel and destroyed the past, so they couldn’t invent time travel again.

Those old photos have spaces of people that never existed or exited. Every time you close your eyes, there’s a small prayer

that you and I wake up the same and in the same place.


C. Alexander is a small-town Southern born poet who now lives in New England. He has his MFA from Lindenwood University, and dabbles in print and spoken-word poetry. He has a spoken word EP called "Cosmic Aging" that you can find from all online music sources. He has been published in The Eunoia Review, Paragon Journal, Scarlet Leaf Review, The Stray Branch and The Inflectionist Review among others. He has a collection called The Cosmic Hello now available on Amazon.


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