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Nordic Song; St. Ann’s Day, 2018

By: Ferdy Buonanno

Nordic Song

Friendship torn, ripped, shattered Shards forevermore scattered On the strand where eternal waves Slowly lap bonds and memories Violently, effortlessly Smoothing and transforming them Into silent inert salty granules Of a loveless, insipid, lifeless expanse. Harshly breaking waves Friction smoothing sand,  Cradling … caressing … comforting Sussuring a perennial berceuse. Oh, Vӧlva – you who see my abject despair, Wave your magically omnipotent wand! Free me in haste from Freyja’s nightmare.

St. Ann’s Day, 2018

A spark engendered glowing embers exuding warmth, intensifying shining brightly, with cerulean eyes and pure, wide heartwarming smile. But too soon a layer of grayish cold ash enveloped the coals, cooled the bonds, extinguished a friendship held so dear. A fog descended, clouding the face  He could no longer see,  nor hear the voice, her warmth no longer near. Misconceptions, misunderstandings, apprehension, and tears? Poor scribbler –stop the screaming folly! What has ceased –accept it –has ceased. La commedia e’ finita.




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