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C.N.P Poetry 

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By: Elizabeth Pyjov

ugliness moves to beauty

and back.

what is useless can move to 

what is profoundly useful 

and even redeeming

and back.







and back.


Elizabeth Pyjov is a poet originally from Moscow, Russia. She got her B.A. from Harvard University in Romance Languages and Literatures and the Classics. She is now pursuing an MTS in Buddhist Studies at Harvard Divinity School. She writes poetry in English, Russian, Italian, French, and Spanish. Her poetry is influenced by Buddhist cosmology. Her work has been published in the Chicago Tribune, Harvard Crimson, Highbrow Magazine, Porto dei Poeti, and Rai Publications. She teaches mindfulness and compassion meditation at Tibet House US in New York City.

"My first semester at Harvard Divinity School, I took a class called “Moral Anthropology: Buddhist Insights” with the incredible professor Charles Hallisey. We studied the Mahayana Buddhist worldview and the Buddhist teachings of the Japanese monk Shinran. We studied the phenomenology of the involuntary and the world as a site of possibilities in which everything is ever-changing and becoming its opposite. Professor Hallisey created a space in which multiple truths can and do exist simultaneously. The course opened my mind and disrupted my thought patterns. I strive to capture that energy here."


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