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“Never, Never Land, My Ship”

By: Mark Pearce

Never, never land, my ship,

For now would be too late.

I always dreamt someday you’d come,

But my days were spent in wait.

If you had come when I was young,

What shores we might have found,

But I was closely watching,

And you never came to ground.

So never, never land, my ship,

I’m too old to sail the seas.

I’ll finish out my days ashore …

But, wait, I hear a breeze--!

Could it be my ship has come at last?

I squint my eyes to see,

But the sound was just my own deep sigh,

No speck disturbs the sea.

So never, never land, my ship,

You’ve taken far too long,

Seek out some younger dreamer,

For I’m no longer strong.


Mark Pearce is an author/playwright with stories published in various literary magazines including Able Muse, Granfalloon, and Down in the Dirt. He has had plays produced on the New York stage and around the country and was formerly Resident Playwright of the New Ensemble Actors Theater of New York. His play ASYLUM was listed in the “Burns/Mantle Theater Yearbook: THE BEST PLAYS” series, and his story “Happy New Year” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize and was selected as Granfalloon magazine’s “Story of the Year.”


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