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C.N.P Poetry 

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By: Laura Sminchak


you are fathomless

involving immeasurable depths

housing limitless spirit

bearing untold goodness.

Do not wade in the shallow pools of

their understanding of you.

Seek plunging truths.

Welcome the deep waters within

for they mute all things.

How instinctively you devour

longing and fear and exaltation

embracing contradictions

managing such multitudes

even as you are proclaimed Too Much.

What a wonder,

to be too much for this world!

stuffed to the brim with

tragedy and triumph

unable to define

with the same plain words

used for their titter-tatter.

Allow yourself to be confounded at the

divinity of the smallest and the least

sacred titter-tatter to

sacred ignorance.

Your gift is to know

their gifts.

Suffer the tide of humility to

sweep you away

again and again


mercy for all and

seas of absolution.


Laura’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in From Whispers to Roars, Academy of the Heart and Mind, and Global Poemic. She lives in Ohio and is a licensed attorney. When she is not writing, you can find her adventuring with her young children and drinking far too much coffee.

"Parents of neurodiverse children, especially if they also have some differences, know that “different” has a negative connotation. But, different can also mean extraordinary. Sensitivity feels like a burden, but it is a rare gift. It isn’t easy for children to be square pegs in a room full of round holes, but if they are surrounded by people who value and encourage their gifts, these square pegs become our dreamers and innovators. They are trailblazers because often they must find their own way. And, they are empathetic because they understand what it means to be different. The world needs these children more than ever."


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