C.N.P Poetry 

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N 36th & Fremont Ave

By: Jerico Lenk

sunrise will soon bleed like watercolor and the trolls   settle into dreams downtown under the bridge so,         drunkenly, i watch cigarette embers burst off the pavement at your toes like butterflies scattering         and ask you if i will be sleeping alone tonight.

Writing bios gives me heart palpitations so, to keep it short and sweet: full-time student, part-time sex worker, all-the-time writer; displaced Seattlite; studying History and Creative Writing, minoring in Classics and Russian studies; author of "The Missing," a YA spec/horror ft. a queer protagonist, Walter Dean Myers nominee and requested by Stonewall Youth Subcommittee; recipient of the 2017 Bettye Newman Poetry Award; published in F(r)iction 10, Obsidian 43.2, iOLit, USF Thread Literary. Currently unagented, out for better queer representation and great sex hair.

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