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Migration; Happy For You

By: Lauren Lindroth



a myriad of color,

skin my muscles

and tendons

and bone,

while pupa

grub my brain

at the cancer

termiting its way

through your temple

sawdusting your spine

and liver

and femurs –

where millimetered,




dangle carrots

to their friends

to proceed forward –

mob mentality,


as a drop of milk

o’er painted


My limbs ache

to fly –

fly to you above

the surf’s whipped cream.

But curdled memory

possesses no trace

of purifying lightning

or chlorine for the pool.

Someone forgot to pasteurize

Memory’s milk –

expiration date

offending the nose

even as it buries

into your closeted shirts.

And there’s no recycling

future gallons

yet unfilled

with migrating wings

never to return home.

Happy For You

I visited today. He smelled of sweet milk. He squirmed strongly. Six to nine month clothing for eleven weeks. I used simple sentences and fragments that should've been compound-complex or complex at least. But my words were simple, plain, and false. I handed you a crotchet’d bunny and cap and blankie that my mom stitched with each breath for you not for me. I lost my pregnancy. She grew inside my belly (I like to think it was a she) for lucky number thirteen weeks - But life evaded, gave me the slip with only a heated blanket for the agony. Oh, and lyrics to keep me company, “Just be Held.” I tried to make it a license plate, but another’d already stolen it. It seems I’ve been robbed.

But happy for you.


Lauren Lindroth is a high school English teacher who discovered a passion for writing creative nonfiction and poetry while teaching Advanced English Language and Composition for six years. In delving into creative nonfiction with her students, Lauren found inspiration to create her own works. Attending UCLA for her Bachelors in English and a soon to be graduate of Southern New Hampshire University with a Masters in English and Creative Writing with a Nonfiction specialization, Lauren enjoys writing poetry memoir essays in particular, and is working on her first book. Lauren is a member of the San Diego Writers and Editors Guild, and always looks forward to attending writing conferences and workshops such as the upcoming 'She Speaks Conference' in July 2019. Lauren resides in San Diego, loving the beauty of the weather and the outdoor lifestyle. She adores her family nearby and her cats Kua and TyTy.


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