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maldiciones de odio y amor en los tiempos de mierda

By: Marcy Rae Henry

i’m writing her a poem about an alchemical tale

i was told in Egypt a scarab pushes

bolitas de mierda down the road

shitballs grow

the way snow sticks to snow

when the beetle has dealt with enough shit

midas-colored flies emerge and flit

away forgetting where they came from

to ward off maldiciones i’ll give her a blue-green scarab

that sat in my pocket while my body

floated in the Dead Sea the way a sprig floats in oil


cuando era joven people in charge talked

about una llamada de dios

and i’d lie on my side

as coyotes circled closer to the moonbright barrier

between sagebrush and asphalt

noting i had not been called

one nochebuena the first man flipped me upside down

while tree lights glowed like planets

he pounded on my back until a peppermint candy

lodged in my throat popped out

and then the night was good


pain is personal

the weight of loving

and being beloved

the way brujería is more personal than soap

amulets and sage

repetition is what keeps us together

pero ella no se nota

i’ve always had something stuck in my throat


Marcy Rae Henry is a Latina born and raised in Mexican-America/The Borderlands. She has lived in Spain, India and Nepal and once rode a motorcycle through the Middle East. Her writing and visual art appear in Hobart, Newcity, Thimble Literary Magazine, New Mexico Review and The Wild Word, among others. Her writing has received a Chicago Community Arts Assistance Grant and an Illinois Arts Council Fellowship. Ms. M.R. Henry is working on a collection of poems and two novellas. She is an Associate Professor of Humanities and Fine Arts at Harold Washington College Chicago.


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