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Lying in Bed; Gleaming

By: Kurtis Ebeling

Lying in Bed

A thin shade glows with a pale yellow,

draped softly over panes of glass.

Irises drain quietly inward, the room

is emptied, and the darkening lines

between inside and outside are liquid

—closed doors are as vacant as opened.

A tired universe collapses quietly in on itself

with the silent embrace of warm gravity,

and everything remembered waits timidly

for the slightest ray of sleepless light

to elucidate some fractured part of its being:

frameless images and personages seep

further into and swiftly from exposure

as everything begins its falling away

from consciousness—slowly drowning

in unreflective pools of warm water.

Faint and familiar colors bend and fade

softy as the subtlest movements

submerge the eyes and embalm the body.


At each word,

rising gently

from cold lungs,

a vapor lingers,

billowing softly,

for a moment

before fading

into the frozen

air untouched;

nearly nothing

divisible left,

a pale hydrant

and faint chimes

gleam under the

whispered hush

of winter snow.


Kurtis Ebeling is a poet living in Spokane, WA and an MA graduate in English. He received both his BA and MA from Eastern Washington University. Ranging from imagistic and deconstructed to traditional forms, his poems have been published with 86 Logic, Beyond Words Literary Magazine, Black Sunflowers Poetry Press, and Tempered Runes Press. His short collection of poems, Beneath Stretching Pines, is available for sale on Amazon.


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