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lovecraft was a city boy; Ballad of Bull Creek

By: David van den Berg

lovecraft was a city boy

green eyed dreams of broken things / black crow croak / i heard rats in the walls by the grapefruit trees until the day our liver-and-white bitch snarled through the kitchen and ground small bones to pulp and licked my face ‘cause she loved me so

words don’t mean much when wasps crawl out of coke cans / half chewed / goddamn does coke dissolve shit fast / daddy says check your boot yourself / but you only kill the things you find / they only let you find ‘em ‘cause they ready to die / i know / ‘cause jesus told me so outta the mud what dried where red bull gored two coyote / i hear their momma howl come back to me my sons my sons come back

moon don’t care / that’s all i got to say about that

sneak out the trailer when midnight comes / follow the ants / they know the way / pick ‘em up by the scruff of their neck / shake loose their tiny tongues / i did it once and they told me son we’re off to see the king in yellow / i knew enough about things to leave ‘em be after that

see wingless white-eyed flies / come crawlin’ to you cryin’ daddy daddy check my boots / i got good news / when them growed-up maggots crawl through tattered sheets / they aint’ real until you smoosh em / sweet dreams i love you

Ballad of Bull Creek


my brother knew everything

and he told me about the monster who lived

beyond the barbed wire fence


not yet midnight

by the firing range

cattle call

coyote answers

don’t go out that gate


rundown shed smells of gasoline and whiskey


legless plastic turkeys

peppered with 12 gauge shot and

unlucky feathers

draw flies and flies

draw widows and widows

make love good enough to lose your head


if i were an animal i’d be a male black widow and i’d thank god for the opportunity


monster lay beneath a palmetto bush

ribs gaunt glass eyes hot breath

gasping blueblack swamp air too weak

to shake the maggots free

we sat a while before

i brought myself to slit his throat

but i didn’t know how thick it was

i sat with him ‘til it was done

and cried the whole time


David van den Berg grew up hunting and fishing in the Florida swamps. He studied anthropology and religion before moving to LA, where he works as an actor and writer. He is also the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Prometheus Dreaming (@prometheusdreamingmag), an online culture magazine. He was recently published in From Whispers to Roars and in The Blue Mountain Review. His short film '5th Dimension' recently won 'Best Short Film' at the 2018 FrightFest.


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