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Looking for a Puddle

By: Sara Karim

You spit the pomegranate arils out:                                    (how they are lucky) rose pile of pulp spotted beige. I find it disgusting you      disgust me it’s nature’s candy        or pills and we have had enough of both        (but how could you not wish for more?)                           a mouthful contains fourteen grams of sugar as much as two Original  Brand grape popsicles            (not counting the lavender pool             of slush and sweat that drips down              your damp stubble)                                                    oblong   hard     tinted white with freezer burn I would have been invigorated watching you chew you           with a grease stain on your tank top            (I am always on top) you           with an apathetic glaze                            (it has spread onto mine; I wear                                                                            contacts now) a genius, mumbled on an exhale                                                               where did you spit them out?


Sara Karim is originally from Astana, Kazakhstan, and currently a psychology student at Southern New Hampshire University.


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