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Life Strangled Her

By: Ferris E Jones

She never could keep a man,

Drank jug wine at home,

At the bar it was peppermint schnapps.

Life strangled her, concise,

Even pregnant, it was always over ice.

The futility of a conversation

Exploded with every shot,

Suicide by a rigged sweepstakes.

Life strangled her, unfading,

The effect, cascading.


Ferris E Jones is an award-winning, internationally published poet and screenwriter living in Puyallup Washington. His work has appeared in both print and online magazines including as the featured poet for Creative Talents Unleashed. Other magazines include: Glo Mag, Piker Press, Se La Vie Writers Journal, Write on Magazine, Outlaw Poetry, Degenerate Literature 17, Tuck Magazine, The Literary Hatchet, Warriors with Wings, In Between Hangovers, and many other literary publications. He is the recipient of two grants from the Nevada Arts Council and the Editor and Publisher of Nevada Poets 2009. Ferris has twice received honorable mention awards from Writers Digest annual screenwriting contest. Ferris is also the Author / Editor of seven collections of poetry. You can learn more about Ferris E. Jones by visiting where each month he features the work of other poets. The goal of this site is to spread the word of poetry throughout the world.


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