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Issa Rae Finds Santa Monica Beach; Battle of Actium

By: Osamase Ekhator

Issa Rae Finds Santa Monica Beach

I don’t need a summer body.

Her intellect sizzles.

Her hair is natural.

Olive Oil edge controls

the waves of her melanin

mind while my ecstasy works

for her attention,

in the mines

she calls dimples.

Digging you.

The best light is your darkness;

A (blood) diamond.

Battle of Actium

Lovers in a coliseum of young, hoary spectators shouting lovely words

we hate. I cut your ears,

you do mine.

The tint of your skin, sweet: brown sugar.

A past doesn’t matter,

as long as mine

doesn’t bother. The sister-

wife to the dead’s judge,

mother of Horus: lost

in tension. A lea

where we met,

cause we can’t hide

in pyramids forever.

Give me an Amber

rose, cause you know my type

of night. Dueling in these red sheets,



our locked hips;

trapped lips

And I taught you new positions,

so use them.

This head will go down

your chambers

and let limbs quiver

and release

a sun

and moon.

You’re coming

for a final blow.

We scream

from the pyramids, as we want.


I cut your ears,

you did mine.

Blocking out the rest,

but also each other.


Osamase is a recent Boston College graduate and a life time poet. His favorite poets are Langston Hughes, Gwendolyn Brooks and Bob Hicok (Kendrick Lamar joins the mix when he feels like it). You can find more poems from Osamase on Instagram, @osamasetorbest

“This poem [Issa Rae Finds Santa Monica Beach] was inspired by one of my favorite shows: Insecure, created by Issa Rae; and the show’s title is the driving force of this poem. Insecurities many black people face surround their body shapes, hair, intellects, and skin complexions; just to name a few. These insecurities are fueled by society and racially biased norms on beauty. Hence, we are blood diamonds; something so naturally beautiful, but stained by the circumstances around us. It’s time we clean ourselves free.

[Battle of Actium] What if Cleopatra was a Millennial in today’s world? Historically she called herself the ‘New Isis’. And the ‘New Isis’ has a boyfriend named Ptolemy; who brings his own baggage, followers and past lovers. Over the years, the two have fought wars together; and taken over nations, side by side. Ancient relationship goals; the original Romeo and Juliet before tragic love was cool.

And in a pyramid of retweets, likes, and shares, their love takes on many voices; sometimes heard as music, sometimes heard as noise.”


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