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C.N.P Poetry 

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From a Child

By: Allison Paoli

What happened to you

You, sturdy, wide, and

Well-rooted, there  

So different than, and 

Set apart —

You were strong 


To stand and 

Now you fold

Into yourself 

Lengthwise, in-half

A paper-doll

Hugging itself 

Vivaciously and vibrantly

But broken so

You became the Sun

Beneath a glass 

Magnified, or 

In a cocoon

You were 

Innocent green

Evolving into

Haystack yellow

With teeth of trauma —

What happened to you 

You lonesome dove, you 

Perfect blade of grass 


Allison is a single mom of four, living in Nashville, TN. Her work can be found in several Prolific Press publications. She is currently working on a poetry compilation that she hopes to publish later this year.


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